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Tammy has been wearing wigs for 40 years and knows first hand what you are going through in your search.

“While I have had a couple of good experiences buying wigs in the past, most have involved people trying to sell me a wig without a care as to whether it suited me or if it was good quality. Those without the lived experience of hair loss can never really relate or empathise like those with hair loss.  They don’t understand the trauma, grief and loss of self-esteem that result from hair loss.

Genuine compassion and understanding together with high level customer service was what I was always seeking in a wig retailer. Not being able to attain that I realised I would become the wig retailer I was searching for so that others could benefit from my experience.

I know first hand the frustration and limitation of wearing wigs and the desperation to ensure it looks nice and natural every day. I know what chemotherapy patients and people with Alopecia are feeling and wanting from their wigs together with the kind of service that ensures the full care and attention they deserve.

The loss of one’s hair is a deeply emotional journey that requires face to face care in searching for hair loss solutions. Holistic needs are not met by simply filling in an order form online and waiting for the package to arrive and then hoping it will be alright. That’s why I believe a caring and holistic approach is best for the customer.”

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