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Our SmartLace Human Hair Collection offers the most innovative lace front wigs on the market with the highest grade human hair available.  The quality of each SmartLace Human Hair wig is unsurpassed.  Due to their hand-crafted construction, all SmartLace wigs have true to life shape and long lasting comfort.  Featuring human hair in a range of blended and exclusive colours, these wigs offer maximum styling versatility; you can straighten, curl, cut, colour, part, braid and highlight for the exact look you want.  The SmartLace Human Hair Collection revolutionises the look and feel of wearing wigs and provides the closest alternative possible to having your own hair.
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Our European Collection is constructed with the highest quality materials available, these styles represent the most refined designs and craftsmanship in the industry.  For women seeking supreme luxury, the four wigs in the European Collection – Almafi, Rafello, Capri and Positano – offer unmatched satisfaction.
European human hair remains essentially unaltered before being threaded into a wig.  The minimal processing of the hair translates into long-lasting beauty for the wig.  This also gives European human hair wigs the silkiest movement and sheen of all human hair wigs.
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SmartLace is the most innovative and realistic lace front wig collection available. Super-stylish and unbelievably natural, each SmartLace wig is hand-crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail.  You will love the realistic shape, comfortable feel and unlimited styling options.
Heat Defiant Synthetic wigs combine the easy wearability of synthetic wigs with the flexible styling of human hair wigs in a beautiful array of naturally gorgeous options.  Blow dry, flat iron, or curl your HD wig to suit your mood and your event. HD fiber, with its ultra fine denier and true-to-life feel, is more luxurious and realistic than any other synthetic hair on the market.
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